Bombay Bazar Satta Result | Bombay Bazar Satta King

If you are Bored with the daily games of Satta king then you need to play Jagat taj satta because this is the also most famous game in Satta Bazar. I am Satta guesser and I always hit the right no. in Bombay Bazar my rough Idea always works in Bombay Bazar satta.

How To Win Bombay Bazar Satta King?

Bombay Bazar is local games and it’s only for entertainment purposes only, so if you want to hit the right number and win the lottery price then you need to follow the simple trick which always works to know more read this article completely.

  • You need to collect the previous month data
  • Then Check the 1-week data number which is most similar
  • Try to think new number just focus on the pattern
  • Then You can play and win the Jagat taj Satta

If you want the Bombay Bazar Satta Result then you can visit the official website of also here you will get the right lottery number.



{36}Satta King[05]

Jagat Taj

{21}Jagat Taj Satta Result[44]


{48}Jagat Taj Satta Result[26]


{56}IPL GO Satta Result [63]


{02}Bombay Bazaar Satta Result[35]




{18}Bombay Bazaar Satta Result[59]

Bombay Bazar

{83}Bombay Bazaar Satta king[36]